PowderCoated Corner Guards

TheCornerGuardStore's PowderCoated Corner Guards provide a tough, durable corner guard that you can match to an existing color.

Note: The powdercoated corner guards do not have prices listed. Powdercoating adds approximately one week to the lead time. Because there is a "lot" charge we cannot list individual prices here.

Easy installation with either construction adhesive or our optional countersunk holes with matching stainless steel screws. 

We make our standard powdercoated corner guards from Type 5052, .060 Aluminum. 

Choose from our standard 90º angle and .5in, .75in, 1in, 1 1/2in, 2in, 3in, 3-1/2in, 4in and 4 1/2in sides.

Options: Wings, Countersunk Holes, 45 and 135 degree angles, just about any color, gauge sizes from 7 - 20 and just about any side width. 

Color Options: Please give us a call or request a brochure of colors from our powdercoating companies. 

NOTE: It is better to have holes with the powdercoated corner guards, allowing the powdercoated corner guards to hang by them. With no holes there may be a slight line where a wire is used to hang the corner guard during the powdercoating process. For customers that really do not want holes, we can make the corner guards slightly longer for the powdercoating process. The powdercoater would use a wire hanger to hang the corner guard. When finished we will cut off the portion of the corner guard that shows the slight mark. The trade-off in that is that the cut will reveal the underlining metal. Our customers have used that end for the bottom of the corner guard.


As the manufacturer we can make "almost" any size you require. If we don't have the size you need listed, either fill out our Request for Quote form. or give us a call: 800-516-4036. 

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