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Corner Guards for Moving Companies

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on

If you own a moving company, we are sure you have seen your fair share of broken items, be it a couch that was wedged in the truck or a fridge. Either way, the screams of your unhappy customer may possibly have been avoided.

Corner guards are usually thought of to be installed onto walls, and that would be correct, except that movers could definitely be using them to lessen stress put on items. It can be placed on corners of items where straps will be placed. This will secure that nothing will move during the drive and if something moves, the corner guards will be take the brunt of tugging and not your clients fabulous pleather couch.

Gone are the days in which moving companies have only a standard dialog of protection for clients belongings. Now, aside from offering boxes in different styles and sizes, a moving company should also offers a bubble wrap, mattress covers, wrapping paper, stickers, corner and edge protection, and other notable features to ensure that a move goes smoothly. People need to feel that hiring your company is best thing to do for their belongings and offering them all the protection they need is nr1 on the list.

Corner Guards that will help you:

  • Foam Rubber - This gives you a super cushioned effect, but if you fasten straps very tightly, this might lose its elasticity after a while.
  • Vinyl Corner Guards - A simple plastic corner guard. It will definitely take most of the strain off of the items, but can cause tears when chipped or tightened on the wrong angle.
  • Heavy Duty Foam Corner Strip with Aluminum Insert - This will give you the cushion you want but also the sturdiness if anything drastic happens. 

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