3 Types of Corner Guards Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on 2nd Aug 2023

As a business owner, the safety and protection of your establishment should be a top priority. One often overlooked but essential aspect of safeguarding your property is investing in corner guards.

In case you don’t know, corner guards are protective devices designed to shield corners and edges from damage caused by accidental collisions, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a safer environment for both customers and employees. In this blog, we'll explore three types of corner guards that every business owner needs to know to make informed decisions about safeguarding their premises.

Plastic Corner Guards

Plastic corner guards are a popular and cost-effective choice for various commercial establishments. Made from durable PVC or polyethylene materials, these guards are lightweight, easy to install, and suitable for low to medium-impact areas. Plastic corner guards are ideal for protecting corners in hallways, offices, waiting rooms, and areas with light to moderate foot traffic.

The advantages of plastic corner guards extend beyond just protection. They are available in a range of colors, allowing you to match them with your existing interior décor or branding. Additionally, plastic corner guards are resistant to moisture, making them perfect for environments with higher humidity levels or areas that require regular cleaning.

Rubber Corner Guards

If your business experiences heavy traffic or requires robust corner protection, rubber corner guards are the way to go. These guards are crafted from durable, impact-resistant rubber materials, making them suitable for areas prone to collisions, such as loading docks, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Rubber corner guards excel in industrial settings, where machinery, pallet jacks, and forklifts might frequently come into contact with walls and corners. They act as a buffer between equipment and walls, minimizing the risk of damage and extending the life of your infrastructure. Moreover, rubber corner guards are designed with bright colors, enhancing visibility and safety in busy environments.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards

For businesses seeking both protection and an aesthetically pleasing solution, stainless steel corner guards are the perfect fit. These guards offer a sleek, modern appearance while providing superior corner protection in high-traffic or upscale areas like hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Stainless steel corner guards are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making them an excellent long-term investment. They can withstand heavy impacts and protect corners from damage caused by carts, trolleys, and luggage. Additionally, these corner guards are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a polished and professional look for your establishment.

At the Corner Guards store, we understand the significance of safeguarding your business, and we offer a wide range of high-quality corner guards suitable for various industries and requirements. From plastic guards for office spaces to heavy-duty rubber guards for industrial settings, we have the perfect solutions to protect your investment!