I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this purchase. I got help via chat, received a quote and was able to order directly from that quote. The product arrived today and was well packaged. It was excellent quality (even better than I expected), fit perfectly in my shed opening, had predrilled screw holes and even came with the screws. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks!
Rob | Howeowner | 9/18/23

am a surgeon at Hôpital Adventiste in Port au Prince, Haiti. We are devoted to bringing modern medical care to those who need it most. In addition to an overwhelming load of clinical activity we have managed to beautify our hospital in order to reflect the quality care that is being rendered. Our stainless steel corner guards from the Cornerguard store make our hospital look gorgeous and stay that way.
Scott N. | Surgeon | 8/18/23

Received my first order from FedEx, but the package had been bent, rendering the guards useless. A call to the company was answered promptly, and requested I send pictures of the damage. Did so and was immediately informed replacements would be sent. Excellent customer service, vast inventory, fair pricing, and shipping make this a great company. Just got the replacements in perfect condition. Will definitely use The Corner Guard Store in the future.
Russell | Services | 1/11/21

When told his order had shipped 2 days after placement when the competition is an 8-week time frame. "Unflipping Believable!!!!!! You are my new "go to" company!
Ken R. | KMR | 10/11/20

I made one mistake when placing my order. I missed ordering the attached tape used to fasten to the wall. Since the surface was not smooth, gorilla glue did not work. My wife had some double-faced tape which did the trick. It was a little thicker than I had wanted, but the corners are installed and protected. Thank you.
Roy W Ludlow | Homeowner | 9/28/19

Great quality product. The staff is very professional and courteous. Have purchased many corner guards and ships when they say they will ship. Great company.
Kim | Reseller | 9/27/19

The corner guards are exactly what I needed. Excellent professional quality. So much better than what you find at home-building stores.
Bruce | Business | 9/25/19

Great product and customer service
Andrew | University | 9/23/19

Very satisfied buyer!
Neil | Construction Co | 8/16/19

Very pleased with my order. That is exactly what I ordered.
Mike | Reseller | 8/12/19

The product came in damaged, and they overnighted me a replacement. Great customer service.
Brooklyn | Distillery | 7/30/19

I needed a corner guard that was 3"x 3" x 70" long for a repair/renovation project I was doing at my house. I am converting our tornado closet under our stairs into a dog room/kennel. The original corner had a rounded edge, but I had to remove that to attach the plastic paneling I was putting on the walls. When I removed the rounded corner, it left an unfinished edge where the sheetrock did not come together at the corner. I contacted the company, and they did a custom length for the same price as the longer piece that is standard, which really cut down the shipping cost too! I completed the order, and they sent it out immediately and arrived within 3 days. I could not be happier with this product and the customer service I received.
Caitlyn | Homeowner | 7/29/19

My shipment came professionally packaged in a beautiful, custom wood crate ... and the corner guards are awesome too! Well made, Heavy Duty, and protected with laser film! GREAT PRODUCT!!
John | Reseller | 7/22/19

Work as advertised. Delivery was fast. Installation is a piece of cake!
Matt | Business | 7/2/19

My experience with TheCornerGuardStore was excellent, and their response time meeting my order was extremely timely. Highly recommend using them as I will for future needs.
Tim | Construction Co | 6/24/19

I used it for my kitchen cabinets and it looks great!
Lilia | Homeowner | 6/21/19

If I had known more, I might have gotten a smaller diameter guard. However, I basically am liking the fit, appearance, and installation of the Guard. I think it looks good and will help with the damaged corners.
Roy | Homeowner | 6/17/19

Fantastic! I have a freshly painted garage with a hairpin turn, could not be happier with this brand-new corner guard. And fast, well-packaged delivery. Thank you
Ed | Homeowner | 6/14/19

Arrived packaged well, was easy to install, and looks great!
John | Reseller | 6/13/19

Great fit!
Jason | Municipality | 6/6/19

Worked great. Protective strips on the outside were an unexpected plus.
Mason | Reseller | 5/9/19

The corner guard came securely packaged with nice stainless screws and fit perfectly. Very happy. I know this piece of Steel will hold up to the traffic of lawnmowers and such in my shed.
Jeff | Homeowner | 5/1/19

The product was just what we were looking for. In stock ready to go and at a fair price. Nice job!
Rich | Fitness Center | 4/23/19

It sticks to the wall really well. I wish there were room for error, matched our color close enough, and we like it, and ill get more.
Dan | School | 4/23/19

The corner guard store is the only vendor we use for guards.
Allan | University | 4/3/19

Excellent products and fast shipping
Allan | School | 4/3/19

It is simply awesome. It was exactly what I needed...
Willie | Homeowner | 3/20/19

The stainless steel corners fit perfectly, look great, and provide good protection from pallet jacks hitting the wall. Really glad I ordered them.
Ed | Business | 3/19/19

Loved the drill-head fasteners included. Once you scoped out the end cap positions, the installation was a breeze. No worries; the end caps are sturdy and slotted for snug adjustment. I appreciate your keeping shipping charges in line and prompt delivery. Quality product.
Thomas | School | 2/26/19

Looks really nice on my granite tile countertop. Installed it along the edge of the granite tile next to the stainless steel range - turned out great!
Francis | Homeowner | 2/20/19

This product lives up to what it says it is. It is very durable and impact resistant. It has performed extremely well even with direct impacts and side-glancing blows from Electric wheelchairs/carts. I am very impressed. Easy installation is a great plus. I highly recommend them.
Gordon | University | 2/20/19

I am very satisfied with the guards. The guards were as advertised. I will buy more in the very near future.
Jack | Retail | 2/6/19

That is exactly what I wanted. Quality products, and I ordered some more products from them.
William | Homeowner | 2/4/19

We received our shipment of 51 corner guards but mistakenly ordered the wrong size. We needed 2" legs instead 1 1/2". The company worked with us to get the replacements. Professional and great quality. We will be using them for all our wall protection.
Jeff | Construction Co | 1/31/19

This worked perfectly to protect a doorway that ended up with 2 sharp and odd angles. Recommend a practice installation attempt, as our first attempt pulled some paint off the wall when we repositioned the guard.
Ann | Construction Co | 1/10/19

Very friendly service and helpful. Great product. I am very satisfied.
Brice | Construction Co | 12/25/18

Bought two brushed stainless corner guards with rounded corners. The finish was protected by a plastic film, so there were no scratches. Looks great. Matches my stove’s finish. My only knock would be that they could have rounded the corners better. I had to do some filing.
BC10 | Homeowner | 10/24/18

Excellent product.
Dave | Hospital | 10/24/18

This product is somewhat expensive, but when you see it's made out of strong, thicker SS, even the direction in which it needs to be placed, you will see you get what you pay for. This is a high-quality product.
Wally | Homeowner | 10/18/18

Product being used in a veterinary clinic. Dogs destroy corners on door openings pulling on their leash. These products look like they will withstand the abuse.

Shire | Veterinary Clinic | 9/26/18

The product was in perfect condition once received. However, the shipment accidentally went to my billing address and not my shipping address. My only complaint but was not that big of a deal.
john | Reseller | 8/2/18

Perfect delivery timing. Great quality ¡¡¡
George | Construction Co | 7/31/18

Great quality, easy install
Eddie | Fitness Center | 7/30/18

Pleased with the quality of the angle corner. I will use it to act as a protector for the edge of my avalanche tailgate.
Syd | Homeowner | 7/27/18

Great product
Bryce | Museum | 6/28/18

Really happy with the quality and finish of this item. Dimensions were accurate. 304 stainless steel contains chromium (min. 18%) and nickel (min. 8%). It is an austenite steel and is only slightly responsive to magnetic fields. The only negative is after removing the plastic sheeting, there is a sticky residue line about 3 mm from the corner - on both sides.
DB | Homeowner | 5/23/18

It was exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you
Adriana | Reseller | 4/23/18

I'm happy to have found these, have been looking for them for a long time at local stores. I just received them, so I won't know how well they will stand up from chair strikes until they have been installed for a while. So far, they are exactly what I have been looking for.
Richard | Restaurant | 3/7/18

This arrived very quickly, in perfect shape, and was exactly as described. Very pleased with the transaction.
David | Business | 2/1/18

The product was exactly as ordered and shipped quickly. Very satisfied with the product and service.
Ray | Construction Co | 1/24/18

Arrived in excellent condition!
Brian | Reseller | 1/19/18

I will be ordering more soon, It came before you said it would, and it worked just like I hoped it would.
Tim | Business | 10/28/17

Very happy with the quality, look, cut, etc. Exactly what I was hoping for. Holes were pre-drilled and cleaned.
David | Veterinary Clinic | 9/21/17

Great product
Jim | Municipality | 9/8/17

I used this product to do repairs on the exterior of a vintage motor home. The original molding was no longer wide enough to hold together the 1-inch gaps that had developed along the front and side edges of the over-the-cab part of the bunkhouse. This corner guard was just what the doctor ordered to make the necessary repairs, and it looks good as well. Not used for it's intended purpose but worked very well for what I wanted to do. Excellent product!
Greg | Homeowner | 8/26/17

So far, so good! It's only been in use for about a day but has already come in handy and proven itself to very securely adhere to the surface. I liked that it was super easy to trim down a few inches with scissors. Fair price, too; I'll order more in the future for sure.
Farley | Medical Office | 8/9/17

I haven't had it for long, but the installation was very easy, and it seems like it will protect the corner. My only reservation is how it would be removed if that were necessary. The way the cover snaps on over the aluminum base makes me think non-destructive removal might be quite difficult. Since I like it just fine, this is not a big concern for me.
Dirk | School | 2/1/17

Arrived very well packed, so no nicks or bends, and with a protective film that made for clean/easy installation. We used it in a bathroom with tile wall to drywall corner, which made for a great transition. We needed to caulk both edges (bath tile with clear and textured wall with paintable caulk), so the protective film was awesome.
SW | Homeowner | 1/19/17

These corner protectors are way better than the clear vinyl ones I had before. They stick on much more firmly, look nicer, and are more substantial. It was hard to get them on right at first because they were so sticky, but I cut some strips of parchment paper to put along one of the sticky sides. This allowed me to position the corner guard properly. I then carefully lifted the side with the parchment paper and pulled it out.
Burnett | Medical Office | 6/22/16

Looks great, and I was easy to apply
Cheryl | Museum | 5/3/16

Bought it for the elevator landing area in a hotel. We were constantly having people hit the corners with their luggage and having to repair it. I bought a few to try out, and they looked good. Will be ordering more soon!
Heran | Construction Co | 4/21/16

My wife is confined to a wheelchair, and local suppliers have nothing comparable to the protection these offer to wall corners in a house that was not built for a wheelchair. Could not be more pleased with the simplicity of installation and durability of the product. Perfect
Daniel | Homeowner | 4/20/16

This is a great product. strong, easy to install, and paint.
Frank | Construction Co | 12/20/15

When we ordered these corner guards for our office building to protect 30 corners, we had them pre-drilled with wings added, and they have provided a great upgrade to our building's interior appearance. For the additional $6.00 cost of the holes and wings, we found it well worth the price and saved us hours of drilling prior to mounting. The finish and quality are much better than we initially expected......highly recommend!!
Joe | Medical Office | 8/13/15

On August 4th, we ordered a custom kickplate from your company with Tim in Arizona. We had a very difficult time finding what is a specialized item, and it was such a relief to find someone as knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful, and with such a can-do attitude. Tim was also incredibly attentive and kept right on top of seeing the purchase through in the most expeditious and easy manner. He made what was getting to seem a hopeless task a real pleasure to accomplish. Your company could not have a better representative or example of superior customer service and care.
Deb S. | C&M | 8/21/14

Corp Inc Construction would like to state that we are very pleased to do business with the Corner Guard Store. We placed an order with them on an urgent basis. During this process, we didn’t review something that they sent, and they misunderstood what we needed. Needless to say, we received the incorrect corner guards. Upon delivery, we contacted the corner guard store, and they replaced and shipped the correct ones to us free of charge. We would highly recommend this company, they are great to work with. We are very pleased to do business with the Corner Guard Store.
Anita G. | Corp Inc Construction | 6/22/13

We have had the most awesome luck with TheCornerGuardStore. Orders always show up correctly and on time, prices are affordable, and the quality and precision of the products are brilliant. Jeremy is efficient, accessible, and easy to work with. I recommend them very highly.
David H. | Hotel Monaco / Seattle | 4/14/12

TheCornerGuardStore has been a long-standing vendor for us, simply because they have the right products, the product is high quality with competitive pricing, and they are so quick on turn-around that it's hard to beat. We will continue to use TCGS as a valued vendor!
Tamara, Project Manager | Construction One Inc. | 12/18/11

It is hard to understand the pressure we are under when we choose a new source of materials. We do custom decor for elegant offices and upscale architectural environments, and choosing TheCornerGuardStore was not easy. We needed a Brushed Aluminum angle that would be seen from both sides as in a picture frame, so the finish had to be exactly the same on both sides. After ordering a sample piece and several discussions later to clarify details, I ordered several hundred feet of #4 finish brushed aluminum angle. They shipped on time, and we received them ahead of schedule. To say we are pleased would be an understatement, as it arrived as promised and perfectly done. The rest of the story is; I could not find anyone locally that would produce this for us in the time frame and guarantee the results. I can say that we were treated very well, and professionally speaking, these guys know their business. You can trust them 100%.
Phil S. | Digital-Niche.com | 1/11/11

TheCornerGuardStore is a great vendor to work with. The Customer Service Department is knowledgeable and prompt with responses. Excellent customer service. Excellent products. Excellent lead time.
Joyce W. | LockNet | 1/21/09