Protect Your Walls From Wheelchair Damage

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on 25th Apr 2022

Corner Guards Protect Your Walls From Wheelchair Damage

Most homes are not built to be mobility-device friendly. Narrow hallways, with twists and turns make it hard to navigate a wheelchair or walker without the occasional ding to your walls, especially at those vulnerable corners. And furniture placement can make entering or leaving a room in a wheelchair hazardous for the occupant as well as the doorway. Whether you want to prevent scraped fingers or damaged walls,  corner guards can provide protection for you or your disabled family member while safeguarding your property.

Do you need to use a walker for a period of time after some surgery? Do you have a spouse or child who now requires the daily use of a wheelchair for mobility? Do you have an elderly parent living with you who is unsteady on their feet or has reduced vision problems? Type “how to make a house wheelchair accessible” into any web search engine and you’ll find lots of information addressing the major solutions like: remodeling, how to address problem areas like bathrooms and kitchens, or how to build an entry way ramp. All of these options can be very costly.

There’s just as much to be found about simple changes like raising electrical outlets, lowering switches, installing swing away hinges on doors and  grab bars and safety rails around the house to increase accessibility. These are all good suggestions. But there’s one over-looked item that’s easy to install and protects your family member and your home at the same time:  corner guards. Corner guards wrap around the corners of your walls and protect them from damage. If your need is temporary, there are corner guards that can be removed easily at a later date. If your need is permanent, you have lots of options to choose from that provide protection and are designed to blend into, or even enhance, the décor of any room in your home.

Installing corner guards is an easy way to safeguard corners. Certainly, small scuffs and dings to corners can be unsightly. But did you know that over time, serious damage caused by collisions to corners could even result in structural damage to your walls? Repairing this damage results in maintenance costs that could have been avoided by simply installing corner guards.

Corner guards do more than just  protect your walls. You want to create a safe, friendly environment where you or a disabled family member can live in comfort. Yet you don’t want unsightly damage to your walls. Corner guards protect your walls, so you can focus on what’s important. 

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