What Corner Guards are Best for Your Facility

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on 6th Nov 2018

What Types of Corner Guards are Best for Your Facility

If you work in an environment where there is a lot of activity and equipment tends to get moved around a lot, you might consider getting corner guards for your walls. Corner guards serve to protect walls from damage that can occur due to objects hitting into your walls, causing dents and chips to the paint.

But once you start looking into your options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choices you may have in front of you. Well, no worries. This article will give you valuable information on how to find the best corner guards for your facility.

Hotels: Hotels are prime targets for wall damage. Laundry, luggage and food carts are constantly being moved around and guests are certainly not going to treat the facility with the same respect as they would in their own homes.

However, aesthetics have to be considered as well.

That’s why a smaller, tape on adhesive is the perfect choice for these areas. Opt for models that measure between ¾” and 1 ½” to minimize their appearance and choose a color that will look attractive with the hotel interior.

Hospital Corridors: Hospital corridors certainly see their share of foot traffic. Gurneys, stretchers, food carts and laundry carts are just some of the things you can expect to see being pushed through a hospital hallway. And in emergency situations, you probably don’t have much time to think about whether the wall incurs a bit of damage.

The best corner guard for hospitals would be the cover over retainer. Available in aluminum or PVC, these guards do double duty with a thick vinyl cover that snaps over the guard’s original retainer.

These snap on guards are available with 2” and 3” wings and can be a standard product for end walls and 135-degree corners. Their top and bottom caps provide a finished look and they are available in a variety of lengths.

Food Services and Labs: There’s probably no need to go into depth about what types of equipment you can expect to see being carted through the hallways of these facilities, but it’s safe to say, they get a lot of foot traffic!

To best protect your walls in these environments, stainless steel corner guards are recommended. These can come with pre-drilled holes or adhesive backing. The stainless steel variety corner guards are great for these facilities because they minimize available surfaces for the growth of dirt or bacteria, especially when utilized in their adhesive form.

Back of House Corridors: Located at the back areas of hotels, casinos, airports and factories, these are sites where heavy deliveries are made and damage to walls is likely.

There are a number of maximum protection corner guards to choose from for these areas including diamond plate aluminum, flexible vinyl, gray natural rubber and black EPDM rubber.

If your facility’s walls are likely to take a beating, a corner guard will offer the ultimate protection. Hopefully, this article has given you valuable information on which type to choose to keep your walls safe and looking their best.