FAQ - Adhesive Installation


Are there any installations in which I can't use double-sided tape?

The tape used on our polycarbonate corner guards is a thin film liner intended for smooth surfaces. The use of this tape on textured or porous surfaces such as stucco, masonry, and other drywall textures does not stick as well. If installation on a highly textured surface is required, we recommend utilizing the holes and fasteners option.

With our vinyl corner guards, foam tape is the better option. The tape is thicker and more flexible, conforming to lightly textured or uneven surfaces. If installation on a highly textured surface is required, it is best to consider ordering them with our adhesive.

What kind of tape is used on the vinyl corner guards?

Our vinyl corner guards use a double-sided rubber-based foam adhesive with a thickness of 1/32″.

What kind of tape is used on the polycarbonate corner guards?

Our polycarbonate corner guards use a clear acrylic double-sided adhesive with a clear PET film liner. The tape used on all polycarbonate corner guards is thinner than the foam tape used on the vinyl corner guards to maintain the clarity of clear corner guards.

***Please note that this tape should NOT be used if the wall surface is textured (stucco, wallpaper, etc.).

 How strong is the double-sided tape?

The tape is intended to be a permanent installation method. Therefore, removing the corner guard will likely remove paint or drywall. The clear acrylic tape, however, is less permanent than the foam adhesive tape used on the wX3 corner guards due to the thickness of the clear tape.




Do you offer adhesive for purchase?

We unfortunately, do not offer adhesive for purchase so if you go with that option, we recommend picking up any construction grade adhesive from your local hardware store i.e., Liquid Nails.


Is the adhesive a permanent installation method?

Yes, when using a construction grade adhesive, the corner guard will be permanently bonded to the wall. Removal of the corner guard will cause damage to the wall surface.

How long does it take the adhesive to cure?

The standard cure time for Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive is 24-48 hours, depending on the application and environmental conditions.

How many corner guards can I install per tube of adhesive?

The number of corner guards will depend on how much adhesive you apply to each, but the typical coverage would be 30 linear feet with a 1/4" bead of adhesive. Generally, you can install two 8' tall corner guards with a single 10.5oz tube of adhesive.

Can I use any type of construction adhesive to install my corner guards?

Check the product documentation for your adhesive to determine if it's compatible; look specifically for PVC to be listed as an approved substrate.

How long does it take Loctite to dry?

It takes 24 hours to cure fully. You have 30 minutes to reposition the product.

When should I use adhesive to install my corner guards?

Glue or adhesive should be used whenever you need a permanent or heavy-duty installation. Adhesive is a universal installation method that allows the user to make minor adjustments during installation due to its long cure time. It is easy to administer and creates a strong bond on any wall surface.

What type of adhesive should I use?

A generic construction adhesive is an excellent choice for most standard drywall installations. A wide variety of options are available - check the label on your adhesive to ensure that it will work for your specific application.



Are the holes counter-sunk?

Yes, all holes drilled into our corner guards are countersunk and come with countersunk screws.

 How far apart are the holes?

The hole spacing depends on the size of the corner guard. If you need exact measurements, please get in touch with Customer Service.

What types/sizes of fasteners are included if I select 'With Fasteners' as my installation method?

We offer Fasteners for our Polycarbonate products. Anything Metal with legs over 3/4″ will come with standard countersunk holes and screws. Vinyl products will only have adhesive options available.

3/4″ Corner Guards and Holes

Due to their size, the 3/4″ corner guards do not come with pre-drilled holes. Instead, included are 1″ long finish drive nails. These are designed to be driven directly through the corner guard and provide a finished look.


All other sizes come with pre-drilled #6 x 1″ long nickel-plated Phillips-head countersunk screws. These are course-thread finish screws intended for installation into drywall. Stainless Steel products will come with #8 x 1 1/4” Philips oval head wood countersunk screws.




Can I install these products for outdoor use?

Corner guards are typically not intended for exterior use. Prolonged exposure to direct UV light will prematurely deteriorate both vinyl and polycarbonate, affecting the material's color quality and overall durability. However, Pre-Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Diamond Plate Corner Guards have been known to be used in outdoor applications!

What is the tolerance on a specialty cut length?

All custom-length products have a tolerance of +/- 1/8".