FAQ - Polycarbonate (Lexan) and Vinyl Corner Guards


  • What size corner guards do we carry?

    3/4″     |     1 1/8″     |     1 1/2″     |     2″     |     2 1/2″     |     3″     |

  • What specialty profiles do we carry?

    Bullnose and 135° both with 2.5″

  • What is the radius on a bullnose corner guard?

    Bullnose outside radius is 0.84″ and inside radius is 0.75″

  • What is the tolerance on a specialty cut length?


Corner Guards (polycarbonate)

  • Can I cut the polycarbonate corner guards down?

    While it is possible, it is very difficult. We recommend ordering a custom size.

Corner Guards (textured vinyl)

  • What material is used for textured vinyl corner guards?

    TheCornerGuardStore produces vinyl corner guards from top UL fire-rated material.

  • Will these corner guards work on a knock down textured wall?

    The textured vinyl with the foam tape would work better.

  • Can we make a bullnose stainless steel corner guard?


Rub Rail

  • What is the thickness of the rub rail?



  • How strong is the tape?

    They are not designed to be removed. When installed correctly, removing the corner guard will likely remove paint or drywall.

Wall Sheet

  • What is the fire rating on the wall sheet?

    Its class 1A fire rated.


  • What type of fasteners for 3/4″ corner guard do we use?

    1″ drive nails (“tap-in nails”). The 3/4″ corner guards do not come predrilled.

  • What type of screws do we use?

    #6 x 1 Phillip Oval Head Hi Lo with AB point, hardened parts with Nickel plating.

  • How thick is the tape?

    Clear film is 5mm.

    Vinyl is 1/32″ thick foam tape.

  • Is it pressure sensitive?


  • Do you supply the adhesive?

    No, we do not supply adhesive, except on the corner guards with tape. You can buy it separately from the accessories category

  • What kind of adhesive can I use?

    Liquid nails or your favorite adhesive


  • How far apart are the holes?

    Hole spacing on 8′ part—Holes begin 3.75″ from end and are 44.25″ center to center spacing.

  • Where are the holes placed?

    Hole spacing on 8′ part—Holes begin 3.75″ from end and are 44.25″ center to center spacing.

  • What is the diameter of the counter-sunk holes?

    Diameter of the holes is .156″


  • Is there UV Stabilizer in the corner guards?

    Polycarbonate regardless of the amount of uv stabilizer in it, will yellow become brittle and break in an outdoor application.

  • What type of plastic is the adjustable angle corner guard?



  • Is there a specific type of paint required?

    TheCornerGuardStore advises using a water-based paint for the best results. High gloss paint is also recommended as it prevents scuffs and scratches on the surface of the guard.

  • Are the paintable corner guards different from the textured vinyl corner guards?

    TheCornerGuardStore paintable corner guards are surface treated and have the highest ASTM rating for paint adhesion. Also the textures are different between the Paintable and Textured Vinyl Corner Guards.

  • What is the texture of the paintable corner guard?

    The paintable corner guard has an orange peel texture designed specifically for optimal paint adhesion

  • Do we have MSDS sheet on the paintable corner guards?



  • What is the lead time?

    5-10 business days.

  • How will my order be shipped?

    Most orders are shipped UPS Ground. Larger orders may ship via freight carrier.


  • Will the polycarbonate will discolor over time?

    Any plastic will fade over time. The polycarbonate has a uv inhibitor additive that slows down the process.

  • Can I get a custom color?

    Yes, to match the color, the customer needs to send us a sample, the lead time is 4-6 weeks and the cost is $350 per color.