​Corner Guards in Gyms and Why They’re Important

​Corner Guards in Gyms and Why They’re Important

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on 14th Aug 2018

Corner Guards in Gyms and Why They’re Important

No matter what type or business you are in, if you have corners on your walls (and you probably do) they are likely to get damaged. Chances that your walls will get damaged can increase if you run a business where people are moving around a lot inside your building. That’s why the gym can be a great place for corner guards.

Corner guards are can be made from a variety of materials and are pieces that are affixed to the corners of your walls to make sure they do not sustain damage. They can save you the trouble of having to repaint and repair your walls when damage occurs.

When in a gym setting, there are many ways your walls can become damaged. If you own a fitness gym where weights are used, there is a high likelihood that a weight can hit into your walls, damaging the paint and even causing unsightly holes and dents. If you own an athletics gym, athletic equipment can cause similar damage.

If your staff moves equipment around inside the gym, there is always the chance of them hitting into a corner with the gear, resulting in chipped paint and other damage. And, you always run the risk of people hitting into walls and causing damage that way.

Corner guards come in a variety of colors and materials, each offering a different aesthetic to suit your building’s interior. Some materials to choose from include foam rubber, brass, aluminum, rubber and stainless steel. Lexan and plastic corner guards can let the color of your paint or wallpaper show through offering minimal disruption in the visual appeal of your building. Foam rubber guards can offer support that will provide a soft surface should anyone hit into a corner.

You can also affix corner guards to equipment that needs to be moved, providing a protected surface which minimizes the chance of damage taking a toll on your interiors.

If you are looking for corner guards to protect the interior of your gym, The Corner Guard Store is a great option. With a variety of guards available, we can help you find one that best suits your situation. Our products are guaranteed to be high quality and can be customized to suit your needs.

If you think corner guards can be useful in your building’s interior, call Corner Guard Store first. Then your space will be prepared for whatever life throws at you…or your walls!