Getting Your Building ADA Compliant

Getting Your Building ADA Compliant

Posted by TheCornerGuardStore on 14th Jun 2016

Getting Your Building ADA Compliant

Inclusive design is about putting people at the heart of the design process, it’s about creating buildings, spaces, streets, parks, gardens etc. that are really comfortable and easy for all of us to use.

ADA Compliant Restroom

There are two key things in implementing inclusive design one is in essence social responsibility; Are we delivering a building that is what it should be, and we expect it to be. Secondly is the business of a designer enjoying seeing their building function in the way that it was actually intended to function, where people can get the very best from it. Inclusive design is looking at how people use the particular function. It really is about usability and what it’s saying is that everybody who would use that building or space, should be able to do so and there is a list of things any building manager should try to achieve. People should be able to use it conveniently; they should certainly be able to use it safely and they should be able to use it with dignity. It is very important to ensure that wherever possible, people can use it independently.

If you take a look at a building with good planning or inclusive design it would have parking spaces by the entrance; a level entrance, wide aisles, bright lighting, good signage, and restrooms. If you have good inclusive design, you know it will work for disabled people but it will also work for the elderly and families with children. Inescapably you must have standards to work to because the building should be able to work in that state for a hundred years. You cannot really afford to get it wrong. When you look at a disabled restroom, there are quite a few things to take into consideration. The stall needs to be bigger, big enough for a wheelchair to fit in plus some more. Then you also need to finish the restroom with corner guards and handrails.

It doesn’t matter what building whether an office or a retail store, you should be thinking of the well being of all of your customers and workers.